Fillers and Extenders (Wollastonite)

Manufacturer: Nordkalk Corporation (Finland)


  • Product used for plastic compounding, ceramics, glazes, road marking paints, epoxies, phenolic compounds, sealants and polyamides.
  • Wollastonite is useful in plastic compounding for the following reasons:
    • Needle Shape Structure
      • Increased Stiffness
      • Excellent impact resistance
      • Decreased shrinkage
      • Increased tensile strength
      • Increased HDT
    • Low coefficient of liner thermal expansion
      • Lowers the CLTE of the compound
    • Hardness
      • Increased scratch and mar resistance
      • Increased hardness
    • Reactivity with surface coating chemicals
      • Provides a chemical bond between the polymer and the filler
      • Reduces wear in processing equipment
    • White Colour
      • Reduces the need for pigments