Additives for Ink, Coatings and Adhesives

Manufacturer: Keim Additec Germany

  • All additives and dispersing aids are manufactured by Keim Additec in Germany.
  • Ultralube: A wax additive for water based printing inks, OPV’s, lacquers, adhesives, glossy systems (including low and high gloss systems) and clearcoats (including wood coatings).
  • Silco Flow: An additive for water and solvent based systems. It possesses excellent wetting properties for aqueous and solvent based systems, as well as superior deaerating and defoaming properties. It has excellent leveling and flow and the product is VOC and silicon free.
  • Sinanol: It is revolutionary product in chemical nanotechnology. It is a nano-additive used in water repellant and oil repellant products as well as hydrophilic, abrasion and stain resistant systems.